About Me

My name is Tchize Matias my closest friends call me Tdlm  ..    

Don't have much to say about myself ... In Summary professional speaking I'm a dream, a thinker and a believer ...

In Summary:

I am self-motivated with a burning desire to learn & embrace new opportunities and succeed on it. Able to work as part of a team and equally well on my own. I have a BSc degree in Cyber Security and Computer Forensics. I can act with high confidence while handling IT systems & applications grouping Unix, iOS, Windows, Linux distros desktop as serves environments.Ideally working environments would be while acting & interacting with networks resources, managing systems and researching vulnerabilities and patches.

Currently, taking part in Cisco certification program comprising 3 Cisco Certifications as CCNA, CCNP & CCIE# Routers and Switch. Ideally working environments would be while acting & interacting with networks, managing systems and programming
I just Enjoy talk and work around technology specially coding and compsec,  I am a eternal student so always looking for learning new things every day ... Interested in business and financial education as also capital investment.
This is me ... NO Special One, rather a Unique ONE .. :-)