Sunday, 7 October 2012

Code - breaking ( PHP programming ) Warming up

For some time I've developing stuff in PHP .. Like experimenting stuff Its a very interesting language
to experiment with .. As it is the same with Java, Python, PHP, C++ and Ruby&Rails ....

Today, I felt like talking about php .. One, think there is one important think to say to anyone willing to learn and programm in PHP, for you to run and develop php on your computer, its  necessary to have a server running on the machine that will be used to develop and write the php code ..

It might sound quite complicated but its very simple ...To setup a server on your own computer just download Xampp for Windows, LAMP for Linux, or MAMP for Mac OS (Apple).

After your download it and install it and run properly the server you will able to see you php files via-localhost on your browser. This post isn't about how to install your server and run the localhost .. But I can explain it on another post .. For now, lets just focus on PHP coding.

 The simple and first thing on any programming language is the

 "Hello World"

<title> Test PHP </title>
echo " Hello World ! ";
That's it simple ....

O Browser will see somethink like this;