Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Got files separed from norm HTML

After meet up with team members we decide to migrate the site from norm HTML to PHP, the all projetc will take quite a while to finish, but so far the foundations, of the project are already laid down.. Quite interesting to see how this process is unfolding down ...

  • Cut all the code and past in a separated document
  • Save the new document with a different header name with .php file extension.
  • Then import the content of the heading document into the main html document using the include* function - [ include is part of php library ]
Seems like all gone as we were expecting, but bear in mind that we faced some bugs when we tried to apply this approach the first time  ... Here it goes the output still getting the original content but keeping all the information rendered on server..

Here follows a screen shoot of the file the way it was before it been changed .. All the HTML markup in just one page ..