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How to get Fedore 17 to upgrade to Fedore 18 Using Yum !!

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I am using Fedora 17 for quite a while on VMware I decide to give it a go because my older brother advice me to do so.. Since here, most of time I've using  CentOS, RedHat, Debian Kali and uBuntu mainly... 

But I decided to give it a go on Fedora 17, after some months into it I realize that a new release was launched, therefore I decide to upgrade my machine ... And here is the workout ...


Upgrading using the yum method described here is not recommended for new users. Use FedUp instead 
For upgrades to Fedora 18 and later, the recommended upgrade method is the FedUp tool. This section has instructions on using FedUp to upgrade. 

For upgrades to Fedora 17 and earlier, the recommended installation method is with a boot media with the Anaconda installer as detailed in the Installation Guide or via PreUpgrade. PreUpgrade is a slightly different upgrade method where all the packages are downloaded before the system is rebooted into the Anaconda installer. 

Although upgrades with yum do work, they are not explicitly tested as part of the release process by the Fedora QA and are not documented in the Fedora installation guide. If you are not prepared to resolve issues on your own if things break, you should probably use the recommended installation methods instead
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2 Upgrading To Fedora 18 (Desktop & Server)

First we must upgrade the rpm package:

# sudo yum clean-all

yum upgrade yum
yum install fedup
yum -y upgrade
fedup-cli --network 18 --debuglog fedup-to-18.log

Than when the install finished .. run on terminal the command " # reboot "
Let the machine boot up and then look into the Grub menu and choose the option that says "fedora fedup upgrade"

Press "Enter" and let the system upgrade start ! When it finish's the system will reboot again and then if all goes well you will boot up on the Fedora 18 ...

For more help  here are some links : ,

To download Fedora : go here

Hope this article help you guys somehow .. If you guys got any query please drop me some questions  I will very happy to answer them ..

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